Month: December 2011

Separation of Light from the Darkness

The paintings, each expressing a different element, a different sort of touch, will be another part of the show. I find it necessary to document the process of creation of all pieces to both reveal “behind the scene” action and encourage viewers’ interaction with the pieces.

A Touch of Fire, Separation of Light from the Darkness and a few others are in progress.

Separation of Light from the Darkness. Oil, canvas. Fragment.

Exploring: Touch

The project for the 12 weeks Gallery 263 winter residency is tightly related to the idea of the International Creative Unity Days 2012 (to learn more about it go here that in turn took the upcoming 500 anniversary of Michelangelo Sistine Chapel frescoes as a starting point.

There are a few creative problems that I am attempting to solve. First, is to create a group of work particularly for the proposed event. Second, select a certain aspect of Michelangelo’s work that was instrumental to his cosmology and see how it would play out in the context of my creative task. Third, design an exhibit that will not only be a show, but also an experience of action or at least a contemplation of action for the viewer.

The concept of “touch” presented itself as a perfect unifying idea. Thus the theme came to be called Exploring: Touch. Just as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel’s fresco “The Creation of Adam” depicts touch as a source of life, the powerful concept of touch is scattered throughout the language and everyday life of both animated and non-animated objects. Touch can be delicate or forceful, loving or hateful, short or prolonged… Shapes change when they touch, mixing of media begins with them touching each other, paint touches paper , “touch of color” changes an outfit or a room, and “magic touch” is a feature of many myths and stories.

My working space at the Gallery 263