Memory and Landscape

(Featured in The Sunday Tribune /2020/02/09/ Baltica-part-1-video-works/

The Sunday Tribune, February 21, 2020)

As diverse a group of artists as the countries of the Baltic Rim are being brought together by another artist, Jude Cowan Montague, for a group exhibition in London in the last week of January of 2020. All of them have something in common: a connection or an inspiration that has come from the region. Artists from Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Russia and France are tracing their memories and visions, and bringing them together in one space.

I was showing my installation dedicated to my city of birth Saint Petersburg. I grew up on the Gulf of Finland and the delta of the river Neva with the backdrops of the settings of St. Petersburg, a city that changed its name more than once. Perhaps because of this I learned not to form attachments to the names given, but rather to look for and to attune to the essence of the place.

Passing By. Sky. 2020, Installation with projectors and sails.

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