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Exhibition time… continues.

It looks like there wasn’t a single month without a show lately, and there are 3 more coming. ‘No barking’ biennale in March and April and Shahnama forever series, Event 002 in May. Not to mention an interim show at the UEL and Artoll residency in March. Will be uploading all the pictures and posting in the “exhibition’ section of this site as they come.

The latest (13 Feb. 2014): SYNTHESIS at Trinity Buoy Wharf

'Down by the river side'. Painting, sculpture, and 'A kingdom for a horse', sculpture. Private view.
‘Down by the river side’. Painting, sculpture, and ‘A kingdom for a horse’, sculpture. Private view.

Portrait Show @the Gallery 263. “Olga in the Winter” is on show.

Winter, 1990. Oil, canvas, 20 x 20 in

The group was selected by guest juror, Nancy Ellen Craig, a distinguished portrait artist who has worked professionally for over forty years and continues to be active at 84. Her portraits include prominent creative American figures such as Hans Hofmann (the only portrait he sat for), Frank Lloyd Wright, Edwin Dickinson and Anjelica Huston, as well as foreign nobles and the Christopher Forbes Family (Forbes Publishing). Her work is in numerous public collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY and the Baltimore Museum. She is a recipient of the 2008-9 Pollock-Krasner Award as well as several awards in the 1950s including the 1951 National Association of Women Artists, Mary Karasick Portrait Prize. Craig has earned her living painting traditional portraits, but the work she makes for herself are mural-sized canvases inspired by mythology, the Bible, politics and her imagination. Currently a body of these paintings, shown for the first time publicly, is on exhibit in the de Menil Gallery at the Groton School (Groton, MA) through June 3, 2012.

Portrait Show includes the work of: Loretta Marie Adams, Matthew Anderson, Darien Bird, Rebecca Blakeslee, Joseph Campbell, Jen Fuchel, George Gati, Erin Gilson, Cecil Gresham, Sirarpi Heghinian Walzer, Emily Holzknecht, Veronica Jaeger, Judy Kramer, Sally Lemaire, Ana Lerma, Jenn Levatino, Arlene Lieberman, Dana Jeanne Messner, Shaari Neretin, Kathryn Payne, Anne Pfaff, M.P. Raymond, Nikki Rosato, Marilyn Shilkoff, Veronica Shimanovskaya, Lauren Stern, Jeanette Sweet, Lara Thurston, Taryn Wells, Tom Wiklund, Zhang Xingxin, and Sara Zielinski.


Brooklline Open Studios Preview Show @ The Brookline Library

Brookline Artists Preview Show—opening reception Thu 4/12 5:30-7:30 PM

Apr 3, 2012-May 1, 2012
Main Library, Foundation Case and The Gallery in Hunneman Hall

Curator: Cathie Brenner

My piece “Separation of Light from the Darkness,” will be there on display.

Separation of Light from the Darkness. Oil, canvas. Fragment.