Architectural Designer [2001 – 2008]

Yellow Parrot Studio [Boston, St. Petersburg, Moscow]

Small scale residential projects: additions, condo, one-family remodeling, interior design. Client communication. Field measurements. Architectural and structural drawings (CAD 2004-2010). Materials, suppliers, sub-contractors research. Construction supervision.

Architectural Designer [2003 – 2006]

Engineering Company Inc. Stoughton, MA

Architectural design for variety of 1-4 family residential projects. Client communication. Programming. Field measurements Architectural and structural drawings.

Architectural Designer [1992 – 1993]

La Pearl Architects, Inc. Pleasanton, CA

Design, working drawings CAD production for residential and commercial projects (VersaCAD, MiniCAD, AutoCAD). Rendering for client presentations (ink, markers, water color).

Architect [1989 – 1991]

St. Petersburg, Russia

Conceived and developed architectural design for private and institutional clients. Coordinated project development with clients and involved services.
Prepared rendering for presentations, working drawings, study models.
Projects: Café for 42 persons, School/ 192 kids, Kindergarten/50 kids, Country side Hotel for 200 guests

Architect [1987 – 1988]

State Institute Of Planning And Architecture (Lenproject, Lenproject Restavraziya)

Design, research for restoration and rehabilitation projects. Programming, conceptual design proposals, field measurements.
Projects: Restoration of Bobrinsky Palace, Rehabilitation and reconstruction of apartment buildings of the 60s.

Architect [1986 – 1987]

State Institute Of Civil Architecture, Murmansk, USSR

Architectural design for government commissioned projects, concept development, architectural design, working drawings.
Projects: Interior design for Murmansk Drama Theater, 5-story apartment building, City park, City Hospital interior design.

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