Sculpture and Installation

Labyrinths. (Fabric, rope, steel galvanized wire, spring pins. 96 high, various sizes). Shown is a concept presentation made to Cambridge City council in November, 2011.

This installation will take place during Cambridge Open Studios in May of 2012.

Labyrinths. Yellow and Blue fabric

Inspired by the childhood memories of wandering into a cloth-lines full of drying sheets, and the way the wide open space suddenly becomes a magical maze of separate smaller spaces created by the hanging colored fabric.

Light shines through and forms unusual shadows of the nearby trees and people. Blowing wind and sussuring of foliage make perfect sound effect. Just as the labyrinth is a symbol of a life-changing experience, the composition of intersecting cloth-line-like installation may invoke a pensive or playful mood in a spectator who is wandering through the surroundings in a real time experience.

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