The latest updates

Some latest paintings from the latest few month of a very busy time. Pictures and videos are just waiting to me posted…


Portrait and Figurative Exhibition | 6th – 18th September 2014

Taking part in the Camden Image Gallery Exhibition

I have selected a decades old self-portrait superimposed on the old framed picture as a figurative portrait of Time. Here, a fragile paper and its shadow over the glass and the old wooden frame are as much a part of the story as the strokes of pastel merging into the image of the human form.

Crowd funding! Please contribute or spread the word!

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Exhibition time… continues.

It looks like there wasn’t a single month without a show lately, and there are 3 more coming. ‘No barking’ biennale in March and April and Shahnama forever series, Event 002 in May. Not to mention an interim show at the UEL and Artoll residency in March. Will be uploading all the pictures and posting in the “exhibition’ section of this site as they come.

The latest (13 Feb. 2014): SYNTHESIS at Trinity Buoy Wharf

'Down by the river side'. Painting, sculpture, and 'A kingdom for a horse', sculpture. Private view.
‘Down by the river side’. Painting, sculpture, and ‘A kingdom for a horse’, sculpture. Private view.

“Hermes…” and “Caught…” got some show time in St. Petersburg

A light curator, as she likes to call herself, and an artist Evgenia Konovalova started the 2014 Exhibition Season in the cultural capital of Russia with a visiting artist Veronica Shimaovskaya’s show. Veronica’s works were shown in the Parnik and the Door exhibition spaces at Pushkinskaya 10 Art Centre.

Making “Hermes…”
“Hermes Trismegistus and Psyche”